Unspoken Chronicles : Nora

In the Viking tribes, the legends tell that the brave warriors who fall on the battlefield earn a place in Valhalla. But what does happens to the others ?

Nora, sent against her will in a raid that will go wrong, is going to find it out the hard way. Without any fighting skills, she will have to travel across the nine realms and face the terrifying guardians of every world to prove her value to Odin.

Soon a crazy and thrilling journey across the Norse mythology will start.

Mixing platform, infiltration and reflection, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora turns you into the exact opposite of a Viking warrior. Far from the usual brainless bullies, Nora is a young woman who is nimble, smart, but not really brave. You will have to go across the nine realms, avoiding your enemies or finding diverted means to get rid of them.

Asgard, Unspoken Chroniques : Nora Face the Kraken, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Road to Asgard, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Ratatoskr's Lair, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Marvelous Discovery, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Magic Forest, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora First Landing, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Young Viking, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora New Moon, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Outer World, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora Falling Tree, Unspoken Chronicles : Nora

About us

Howly Games results in the meeting of two friends who are passionate about video games, and decided to unleash their imagination.

Based in Bordeaux, France, we combine our talents to create original, fun and poetic games we would like to play and to let you dive in our universe.

Master of brushes and aesthete of the tablet, he is our 2D artist, working on concept art, backgrounds and character animations.

Always looking for new funnier game mechanics, he is the technician who writes the computer code that brings them to life.